Acoustic Walls and Fences

Acoustic walls can be used to block and/or absorb sound in many circumstances. As we become more aware of the quality of our local environment and the impact of noise pollution, acoustic walls and fencing are becoming essential factors of a project. Fieldquip have a dedicated team to assist with acoustic applications and have worked with acoustic engineers on many critical applications. We use a wide range of materials including the Wallmark which is a modular wall system which has full NATA certification. We have a display of Wallmark products in our showroom.

Some of the options we offer with acoustic walling and fencing are:

  • Can be constructed from Colorbond sheeting, timber, concrete, Hebel™ or lightweight panels
  • Systems designed to have aesthetic appeal from both sides
  • Walls can be specifically designed to absorb sound
  • Modular designs allow for minimal site disruption and fast installation

Click here to find more information on the WALLMARK systems.

Case Studies:

Acoustic Privacy wall for childcare boundary


Burc College is a bustling, value-driven school in Adelaide – a place where parents send their children for the very best in education. Located right next door to an industrial complex, something needed to block out the noise and create privacy. It couldn’t just be a wall either – it had to be exciting and fit in with the playscape for the newly completed campus buildings.


An architect introduced them to Evowall. The sleek cost effective wall solution created a stunning work of art, not only blocking the sound but creating an uplifting environment for children & adults alike. Congratulations Burc College – you scored full marks on this one!


  • Unique express panel joins allow random panel sizing – Endless design options to match your building.
  • 115 m of wall (mostly 2.4 m high) install with 2 guys and no heavy machinery in only 4 days.

Acoustic barrier reduces noise levels by 39dB for shopping centre


As part of a shopping centre upgrade in Mc Laren Vale SA, the council required an acoustic wall with a DB rating of 39 to be installed along a boundary adjoining residential properties. Due to boundary height variations, the wall needed to hold back some soil. Access was a challenge as the wall in some sections was only 2-3 meters from a high retaining wall.


Dunewall provided the ideal cost effective acoustic wall solution. With a DB rating of 39 and the ability to retain soil, Dunewall was the ideal partner for this commercial boundary. Clean modern styling to both sides of the wall enhances overall appeal.


  • No expensive foundations (also allowed installation close to environmentally sensitive trees)
  • High acoustic rating (39DB)
  • Looks great from both sides
  • Affordable acoustic wall solution when compared to block alternatives

Family achieves privacy and noise reduction for their heritage home


Richard and his family renovated a lovely Tudor home in one of Adelaide’s leafy inner suburbs. The noise from an adjoining public tennis court with opening hours until 9:00PM compromised their enjoyment of the outdoor entertaining area. It would require a substantial length and height to achieve this. On top of this, they didn’t want to compromise the solid feel of the house – or go way over their budget.


Urbanwall delivered a cost-effective solution which blocked the sound whilst delivering a modern masonry feature wall style. Even with wall heights up to 2400mm, the Urbanwall came in under budget. With Adelaide’s notoriously reactive clay soils, Wallmark’s panel fixing system will not be affected by ground movement…a big, crack-free pay off in years to come.


  • Cost-effective
  • Effective Sound Barrier
  • Fast install
  • Prestige look

Referral Email for Residential Acoustic Wall Client from Parkside

Email from client

(contact details removed)

Sent: Wednesday, 5 December 2012 1:57 PM
To: ‘
Subject: RE: Wallmark
I have been flat out at work as I am having a whole week! off next week, haven’t really had time to think.

I did a second coat on the wall (my side) last weekend and will do another.

I’m happy with the wall and it definitely cuts out and has a dulling effect on the noise. The shrieking of the children and the shouting adults is actually now at a bearable decibel and I don’t have to move or kill someone!

Even though it took forever! due to many unforeseen bumps in the road! I’m very glad I went ahead with it.***

Victor and the guys were really great, I would highly recommend them.
Fran R



**** Note that the forever refers to the council approval process.  As Fran was in a heritage area and the wall was 2400mm high council approval was required.   She was seriously considering moving house prior to having the wall installed due to noise from the neighbors.

Acoustic Walls and Fences

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