Lightweight Walling

Lightweight Walling offers some key advantages to your project. Whether your requirements are minimal or no approvals, reduced cost with an upmarket look, great acoustic properties, or fast installation there is a system for your project. Fieldquip uses and recommends the Wallmark system for lightweight walling.  Therefore, we have a display showcasing main residential and commercial samples.   Likewise, we have installers throughout SA and NT and we can arrange your whole project or we can supply products and advice for DIY projects.
Some of the main advantages of the Wallmark system are:

  • No council approval required in many cases
  • Achieve the look and sound rating of a masonry wall – ideal way to block neighbour and traffic noise
  • Sturdy designs which will stand up to industrial conditions – and children!
  • Fast installation – a great DIY product
  • Can be installed with tubular or aluminium slat inserts, letter boxes and lighting
  • Unrivalled corrosion resistance in coastal areas

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Case Studies:

Swimming Pool Privacy Wall in Onkaparinga Case Study

The Problem

Intent on creating an oasis in his backyard for a growing family, our client planned a resort style backyard with a large pool.  The local council insisted that the wall or fence installed could not be climbed from the rear to ensure the safety of neighboring children.  This resulted on a 2700mm high wall on his side.  He was looking for something without costly foundations, able to DIY, retain soil and that didn’t cost the earth.


The picture tells the story.  With the help of  Wallmark and a landscape designer he has created an oasis with minimum fuss and has a beautiful private backyard for the kids.  Sure is a winner with the family and friends!

Key Advantages

No costly foundations, flexible design, able to retain some soil, can’t be climbed, strong enough to have tiles and/or veneer stone fitted.1. Evowall 162. 2700 high with box capping. Aberfoyle Park.

Lightweight Wall for steep slope in Adelaide Hills Case Study


Our client had purchased a new home in the Adelaide hills and built a lovely airy extension to the rear.  One catch- they needed a solid looking wall to ensure they could enjoy their new area and maintain privacy.   The lightweight walling required installation on a steep slope with large rocks.  It also had to be keeping with the appeal of their home.


Urbanwall was perfect for the job.  With piers rather than foundations, the ability to contour to the terrain and have posts at irregular intervals made the site possible.

7. Sloped walling. Flagstaff Hill, South Australia.

Front Fence for Devine Homes Estate Case Study


A housing estate developer came to us looking for an front fence design for a whole housing estate.  They were looking for something to create an upmarket beat, create a uniform feel and maintain the high value while keeping costs within budget.

Devine were also looking for a company able to manage the ongoing front fence project.


Fieldquip came up with a solution using a Wallmark lightweight wall which did not require council approval for each block ( unlike block pillars ) and customized it suit their required design.  its a high quality product with no council involvement which will continue to add value to the area.   The project also required fitting tubular dividing fences and letter boxes to all properties.  Over 100 properties have been fenced to date.  4. Lightweight pillars, tubular and gates for townhouse. Evanston Gardens, SA.

Referral for lightweight wall Tim Parker


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Please find attached receipt of payment of outstanding invoice No. 18132.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for their helpful and professional manner.

From my initial discussion with Mark at the sales office to the courteous and friendly nature of Peter and his offsider on site, I found my dealings with Wallmark to be exceptional.  The whole family loves the fence and we feel we have the whole backyard to ourselves now.  I would go as far as to say that this is some of the best money i have ever spent in over 20 years of renovating old homes.  I will be telling all that I come across if they would like a high quality fencing product from a professional and friendly team then Wallmark SA is the first place to look.


Tim Parker

Urban Design Manager.

Tim originally purchased for a 2700mm high Evowall for his backyard and his since extended this down one side of his house.

Lightweight Walling

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